New IWGDF Guidelines on the management and development of the Diabetic Foot 2015

From November 2013 on, experts in the field (see below) have been working on updating, renewing or developing new documents, titled: IWGDF Guidance on the management and development of the Diabetic Foot 2015, which have been  very successfully launched at the 7th International Symposium on the Diabetic Foot (ISDF) May 20-23rd 2015 in the World Forum, in The Hague, Netherlands (the former “Noordwijkerhout” meeting). See also the IWGDF July Newsletter 2015 . All these documents can be read at this website under ‘Guidance’.



Participating working group members

Members of the different IWGDF Consensus Guideline Working Groups who are devoting their free time and on a voluntary base their expertise to improve diabetic foot care and by doing so to reduce significantly lower extremity amputations throughout the world.

IWGDF Editorial Board

Dr Jan Apelqvist, Malmo, Sweden
Dr Karel Bakker, chair, Heemstede, Netherlands
Prof Ben Lipsky, Oxford, UK
Dr Jaap van Netten, secretary, Almelo, Netherlands
Prof Nicolaas Schaper, scientific secretary, Maastricht, Netherlands

Footwear & Off-loading

Prof Peter Cavanagh, Chair, Seattle, USA
Dr Sicco Bus, Secretary, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prof David Armstrong, Tucson, USA
Prof Carlo Caravaggi, Milan, Italy
Prof Robert van Deursen, Cardiff, UK
Dr Janet Lewis, Cardiff, UK


Prof B Lipsky, Chair, Oxford, UK (USA)
Dr E Peters, Secr, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dr J Aragon Sanchez, Cran Canaria, Spain
Dr M Diggle, Nottingham,UK
Prof John Embil, Winnipeg, Canada,
Prof W Jeffcoate, Nottingham, UK
Dr Shigeo Kono, Kyoto, Japan
Prof Larry Lavery, Dallas , USA,
Ms Suzanne van Asten, Dallas, USA
Prof E Senneville,Tourgoing, France,
Prof Vilma Urbančič, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dr Fran Game, Chair, Derby, UK
Prof William Jeffcoate, Secretary, Nottingham, UK
Dr Jan Apelqvist, Malmӧ, Sweden
Prof David Armstrong, Tucson, USA
Dr Chris Attinger, Washington DC, USA
Prof Agnes Hartemann, Paris, France
Dr Rob Hinchliffe, London, UK
Dr Cathryn James, Derby, UK
Prof Ralf Lobmann, Stutgart, Germany
Dr Magnus Londahl, Malmӧ, Sweden
Prof Patricia Price, Cardiff, UK


Dr. Sicco Bus, Chair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dr. Jaap van Netten, Secretary, Almelo, Netherlands
Dr. Yamile Jubiz Pacheco, Bogota, Colombia
Prof. dr. Lawrence Lavery, Dallas, USA
Dr. Matilde Monteiro-Soares, Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Prof. Dr. Tricia Price, Cardiff, UK
Dr. Anne Rasmussen, Gentofte, Denmark

PAD Diagnosis and Prognosis/ Therapy

Prof Nicolaas Schaper, Co-chair, Maastricht, Netherlands
Dr Rob Hinchliffe, Co-chair, London, UK
Dr Jack Brownrigg, Secretary, London, UK
Dr George Andros, LA, USA
Dr Jan Apelqvist, Malmo, Sweden
Prof Ed Boyko, Seattle, USA
Prof Rob Fitridge, Adelaide, Australia
Prof Mick Lee, Dublin, UK
Prof Joe Mills, Tucson, USA
Prof Jim Reekers, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Prof Cliff Shearman, Southampton, UK
Prof R Eugene Zierler, Seattle, USA

History of endorsements by health organizations and sponsors for the development of Consensus guidelines on the management and prevention of the Diabetic Foot since 1999

The International Consensus was developed in close association with the WHO, ADA and the EASD. The document has been officially endorsed by the IDF.

The consensus was, as stated earlier, developed by a group of independent experts and the present document is written without any influence of pharmaceutical companies. However, the development of the consensus and the implementation program was greatly facilitated by the financial support given by pharmaceutical companies. For the production of the initial Consensus document (1999) and three additional supplements (2003) Johnson & Johnson and Dermagraft Joint Venture (Advanced Tissue Sciences / Smith & Nephew) have generously provided support by making unrestricted grants available. Furthermore, a donation was received from the Dutch EASD Fund.

The following companies have made the development, thanks to their generous unrestricted grants, of the Practical and Specific Guidelines 2007 possible:

Podartis, Aircast, Novel, ConvaTec, KCI, Ark, Coloplast, Smith&Nephew, Mölnlycke, Merck and Pfizer.

For the 2011 Guidelines it were the following companies: Tai Gen Biotechnology, Cook medical, Cordis and MSD.