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The diabetic foot has many faces. The way it presents itself may be very divers and differences in its presentation may be expected in distinct areas from all over the world. Therefore, a good understanding of specific problems or accomplishments from different people globally may contribute to an increased awareness of the diabetic foot for both patients and health care providers.

All members of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) have been asked to provide personal stories relating to foot care from their daily clinical practice.

These “Foot notes” are to be short stories on actual personal experience by either people with diabetes and foot problems or doctors involved in diabetic foot care. They need to be illustrative of local problems encountered in daily foot care or to show achievements attained in working with people with diabetic foot problems. These stories will be used to inform the readers of the website on actual situations throughout the world to which they can identify themselves. The audience we aim for are both the people with diabetes and health care workers.

Therefore, these stories need to be short (400-500 words), easy to read, understandable, fascinating and preferably accompanied by one or more pictures. You are cordially asked to provide us with a “Foot note” which we will then gradually place on the website. We aim to have a new “foot note” every 1-3 months. Please do provide your name and email address, which we will show together with your foot note. “Foot notes” can be sent by email to Karel Bakker (

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