Diabetic Foot Care Assistants program

Diabetic Foot Care Education Programme

Training of certified Diabetic Foot Care Assistants (DFCAss)

The IDF DFP / International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) offers proposals for foot care training courses to educate certified Diabetic Foot Care Assistants (DFCAss).

It is felt that there is a great need for diabetic foot education to be available in every country. It is therefore recognized that in countries where podiatry does not exist, interested health professionals should be offered a standardized form of diabetic foot care education to implement in their healthcare setting as an adjunct to their professional responsibilities. In the absence of podiatry the need for affordable and practical diabetic foot care education below the level of podiatry has to be recognized by designing suitable programmes to improve care.

The courses are not designed to be offered either to podiatrists or be run in countries where podiatrists practice. The exceptions to this are where podiatrists who wish to become Course Leaders will undertake the courses themselves. However it is envisaged that there may be a demand for courses where the few podiatrists there are in practice cannot cope with the number of diabetic foot patients.

Successful courses to address local diabetic foot care issues are already in practice in a few countries but with the DFCAss courses offered by the IWGDF working group on Diabetic Foot Care Education (DFCE) the aim is not to detract from courses already in place but offer a standardized international course that any country with no podiatry services can apply to undertake, rather than have to set-up their own individual courses.

Please find the full Diabetic Foot Care Education Programme – For the training of certified Diabetic Foot Care Assisants in this download.

Launched September 2008

Both in the Czech Republic in 2009 (Prof Alexandra Jirkovska) and in Slovenia in 2011 (Prof Vilma Urbančič) the DFCAss curriculum has been introduced already.

P1160632-1DFCAss course in Prague, 03-12-2009, Prof. Alexandra Jirkovska introduces the course.

Sue Tulley, Abu Dhabi, UAE: stulley@mafraqhospital.ae
Margreet van Putten, the Netherlands: m.vanputten01@chello.nl
Vilma Urbančič-Rovan, Slovenia: vilma.urbancic@kclj.si
Karel Bakker, the Netherlands: karel.bakker@hetnet.nl


Tulley S, Foster A, van Putten M, Urbancic-Rovan V, Bakker K (2009) Diabetic foot care training in developing countries: Addressing the skills shortage. The Diabetic Foot Journal 12(1): 14–22

Bakker K (2009) Diabetic foot care assistants for the developing world. The Diabetic Foot Journal 12(1): 10–12

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